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Scallops - Sashimi Grade Hokkaido 41/50 (1 lb)

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Scallops - Sashimi Grade Hokkaido 41/50 (1 lb)
Scallops - Sashimi Grade Hokkaido 41/50 (1 lb)

1lb - Frozen


1 pack


Size 41/50 scallop per 1 kg. IQF (Individual Quick Frozen)

Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Fish Facts: Hokkaido Scallops are a premium choice for scallops due to its immense sweetness and firmness. Harvested off the coast of North Hokkaido Japan, each scallop is shucked at port and graded by hand to ensure true sizing. Afterwards, the scallops undergo an IQF (individually quick freeze) process to seal in freshness and flavour before shipping. What sets them apart is the fact that Hokkaido Scallop larvae are grown in onshore tanks before the “spat” (post-larvae stage) are introduced into the wild to grow out into maturity. This has proven to be the most sustainable way to cultivate and harvest shellfish worldwide. 

Taste/Cooking: Our Hokkaido Scallops have a firm texture which is also delicate, tender and slightly fibrous. Its’ flavour is often described as sweet and slightly savory, similar to Abalone. Common methods of preparation include consuming raw as sashimi, searing, grilling, baking, or steaming. This item would go well with our garlic & dill, house fresh herb mix, Cajun, as well as others. If consuming raw, our Hokkaido Scallops pair great with soy sauce and a dot of wasabi. 

Sustainability: MSC certified , Oceanwise recommended product

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