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Seaweed - Premium Nori Wrappers (30 Pcs)

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Seaweed - Premium Nori Wrappers  (30 Pcs)
Seaweed - Premium Nori Wrappers (30 Pcs)

30pc - Fresh


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Origin: Japan

Food Facts: Nori is the Japanese name for an edible species of Seaweed. The process of producing Nori is considered to be one of the most advance forms of agriculture as fishermen grow and harvest Red Seaweed from nets in the Ocean. Once the Red Seaweed is harvested, it is made into paper thin slices using a mix of traditional and modern techniques. 

Taste/Cooking: Nori has a true umami taste with a slight sweetness and oceanic notes. It is most commonly used to create sushi or in onigiri dishes. 

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