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Shrimp - Angel Sashimi Grade Tenshi no Ebi (1 kg)
Shrimp - Angel Sashimi Grade Tenshi no Ebi (1 kg)

1kg - Frozen


1 pack

Japanese Shrimp

Origin: Japan

Food Facts: Known as Tenshi no Ebi, Angel Shrimp is harvested in the clear turquoise waters of New Caledonia, a French Territory located in the Pacific Ocean, and then processed in Japan. This shrimp is regarded as the best type of frozen shrimp for sashimi purposes in Japan. It is used in many of the top Michelin star restaurants around the world. Tenshi no Ebi is famous for its light blue tint on its succulent meat and is deep frozen within hours of catching to -18 to preserve their quality, colour and texture.

Taste/Cooking: Tenshi no Ebi is famous for eating raw in Japan. After defrosting the shrimp, you should give the shrimp a light rinse in water before peeling the shell. The heads can be set aside for cooking while the meat can be eaten raw. Tenshi no Ebi is best served over a bed of rice with sauce such as a spicy chilli oil or with soy sauce and wasabi.

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