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Mackerel - Marinated For Sushi (Shime Saba) 150-200 gm
Mackerel - Marinated For Sushi (Shime Saba) 150-200 gm

150-200gm - Frozen


1 pc


Origin: Japan

Fish Facts: Shime Saba, in other words, is Japanese cured Mackerel. Shimeru in Japanese translates the firming up of flesh and Saba translates to Mackerel. This dish is especially sought after in the Autumn and Winter as mackerel caught during these seasons have a higher oil content.

Taste/Cooking: This delicacy is known to have a briny, slightly sour taste with a strong fish flavour. Its salty and sour hints are a result of its curing process which include ingredients such as sea salt and rice wine vinegar. Shime Saba is excellent served as sashimi or sushi. 

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