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Haddock - Canadian Fresh Fillet (5-7oz)

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Haddock - Canadian Fresh Fillet (5-7oz)
Haddock - Canadian Fresh Fillet (5-7oz)

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As Is

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Boneless, Skin On Fillets

Origin: Wild caught from Nova Scotia

Fish Facts: Recognized by its iconic wedge-shaped head and long, thin body; Haddock is a saltwater member of the Cod family. Their diet mainly consists of smaller fish, mussels, clams, and worms which are major contributors to its sweet flavor. Our Canadian Haddock is wild caught using the long line method. Long line fishing involves a various number of baited hooks attached to a main line. The main line can then be either anchored to the sea floor or towed behind a boat to attract your targeted species. Long line fishing ensures optimal sustainability by significantly reducing the amount of bycatch when targeting certain fish.

Taste/Cooking: Haddock very closely resembles Cod in appearance, taste, and texture. When raw the meat is a translucent white that turns opaque when cooked. In respects to flavour Cod and Haddock are fairly similar, however Haddock is frequently described as sweeter than Cod. Its texture is more tender than Cod since the fish has a finer flake to its flesh. Common methods of preparation include, battering/frying, steaming, grilling, or baking. This fish would pair well with our Jamaican Jerk, Basil Pesto, Japanese Togarashi, as well as others.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise. 

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