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Hamachi - Japanese Frozen Loin (1.3 - 1.8 lbs)

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Hamachi - Japanese Frozen Loin (1.3 - 1.8 lbs)
Hamachi - Japanese Frozen Loin (1.3 - 1.8 lbs)

1.3-1.8 lbs - Frozen


1 pc


Boneless, Skinless Loins that are perfect for Sashimi!

Origin: Japan.

Fish Facts: Hamachi, also known as Japanese Amberjack or Yellowtail, is a species native to the Northwest Pacific from the waters of Japan to Hawaii. Amberjack is a highly regarded game fish by anglers for the endurance and power it displays when hooked. This fish is typically served as a delicacy in the Winter when the fat content of the fish significantly increases. There are 2 classifications of Japanese Amberjack, Hamachi and Buri. Hamachi is younger and weighs roughly 3kg whereas Buri is an adult weighing in around 5kg.

Taste/Cooking: The raw meat can range from light pink to pink, this variance in color comes from differing levels of fat content in the fish. A lighter pink indicates higher levels of fat whereas darker pink indicates higher levels of protein. This high oil fish boasts a buttery, firm texture with a sweet and mild flavour. The darker pink/red flesh located at the midline of the fish has a significantly stronger flavour. This section is great for those who enjoy heavier flavours or can be removed for those who prefer milder fish. Common methods of preparation include roasting, grilling, or braising. Our Hamachi would pair well with our Miso Paste, Teriyaki, Japanese Togarashi, and many more.

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