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Turbot - French Whole (2-4 lbs)

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Turbot - French Whole (2-4 lbs)
Turbot - French Whole (2-4 lbs)

Cleaned, Scaled

Cleaned, Scaled

5 lb


Origin: Farm raised in France

Fish Facts: Turbot, being a part of the flounder family, is a flat groundfish that is highly sought after by professional chefs and commercial fishers alike. Turbot is well known for its delicate flavour, unique texture, and simplicity in its bone structure. This allows chefs and fish mongers to fillet and debone the fish with relative ease. Our farm raised Turbot is BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified. This means social/ environmental responsibilities have been monitored and adjusted to reduce waste and increase overall health/wellbeing of the farmed fish. The use of quality feed and sustainable farming methods ensure the fish are GMO free and contain high concentrations of essential vitamins, protein, and Omega-3. 

Taste/Cooking: The texture of Turbot is often compared to that of Sole or Halibut. Its bright white flesh is firm when raw and retains its firmness after cooking. The flavour is similar to Flounder, a mild flavoured white fish with a smooth and sweet finish. A perfect pairing for bolder seasoning and marinades. This fish would pair well with our House Fresh Herb Mix, Japanese Togarashi, Cajun, as well as others.

Sustainability: This product is BAP certified. 

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