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Crab Meat -  Canadian Snow Sashimi Grade Leg Meat (227 gm)
Crab Meat - Canadian Snow Sashimi Grade Leg Meat (227 gm)

227gm - Frozen



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Origin: East Coast, Canada

Fish Facts: Snow Crab is a subarctic crustacean found in the northern hemisphere, dwelling at depths of 160 – 980 feet. This species can be found anywhere between the Sea of Japan to the Bering Sea, also along Canadas’ Atlantic Coast. Our Snow Crabs are caught using pots and crab traps, sorting takes place while harvesting to ensure optimal quality and sustainability. This Snow Crab Leg Meat is raw, frozen, and sashimi grade.

Taste/Cooking: Snow Crab meat is the perfect balance of sweet and briny, its texture is firm and flesh breaks off in long fibrous pieces. Unlike King Crab, the Snow Crabs shell is easily accessible without a cracking tool and has a significantly lower cooking time. Common methods of preparation include; baking, boiling, broiling, and steaming. Crab is a very versatile ingredient; however, a common pairing would be to serve with garlic/herb butter and lemon.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.


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