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Eel - Anago Conger Premium Japanese Fillets (250 gm)
Eel - Anago Conger Premium Japanese Fillets (250 gm)

250gm - Frozen


1 pack

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Origin: Japan

Fish Facts: Commonly mistaken for its freshwater cousin Unagi, Anago is a saltwater eel popular in Japanese cuisine. Anago is easily recognized by its light brown exterior with white spots. When compared, Anago is leaner and flakier than Unagi which gives off a rich flavour and dense, chewy texture.

Taste and Cooking: Anago, similar to Unagi, is not to be served raw. Typically, Anago can be found as a sushi topper known as ‘neta’ or deep fried like tempura. Although Anago is not as rich or oily as Unagi, they carry a delightfully soft texture and sweet flavour. 


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