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Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) in Saltwater - Exclusive Japanese Ensui (100 gm)
Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) in Saltwater - Exclusive Japanese Ensui (100 gm)

100gm - Fresh


1 pc

Sea Urchin

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Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Fish Facts: Skilled and experienced divers swim off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan to harvest our Uni by hand. Once the Uni (Eggs) are removed from the shell, the Uni is placed in saltwater. This method is considered the best way of processing uni on the market as the saltwater replicates the ocean's water and it is free of any preservatives. When using this method, the natural flavour and texture of the Uni is maintained as if you opened it yourself on the seashore. 

Taste/Cooking: The flavour profile of Uni is often described as sweet, creamy, with a hint of ocean salinity. Preferred methods of consumption include eating it raw, placing on rice/sushi, or incorporated into a soup or sauce for added depth and flavor.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

It is recommended to drain the Salt Water prior to consumption of the Uni. 

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