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Swordfish - Wild Canadian Fresh Loin (1 lb)

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Swordfish - Wild Canadian Fresh Loin (1 lb)
Swordfish - Wild Canadian Fresh Loin (1 lb)

As is

As is

1 lb


Fish Facts: Harpoon caught , these large predatory fish are also referred to as Broadbills. Contrary to popular belief, the fish’s beak is used primarily to wound and cut its prey while relying mainly on speed and agility to hunt.

Taste/Cooking: Sword fish is best known for its texture, dense, moist, and thick meat. Its mild flavour and moderate fattiness make this an ideal choice for those trying fish for the first time. The white flesh is milder in flavor whereas the redder meat tends to be a tad stronger. Preferred cooking methods include grilling, BBQing, and baking. This fish will go well with our Jamaican Jerk, Miso Paste, Teriyaki Sauce, and others.

Vacuum packing can extend the shelf life as it reduces odor and texture changes that may cause fish to spoil. It also helps to prevent water loss and keeps the fish/shellfish from dying out. 

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