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Anago - Saltwater Eel
Anago - Saltwater Eel

Whole, Filleted, Head/Bones Back

Whole, Filleted, Head/Bones Back

1.1 lb

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Origin: Shizuoka

Fish Facts: The name Anago comes from “Anagodomo”, which means the "child of the hole". This is because Anago is usually found lurking in holes along the water floor or in rocks during the day. Anago, lives in coastal sandy waters, where seawater and freshwater meet. Anago is easily recognized by its light brown exterior with white spots. Anago is especially rich in Vitamin A, which is effective in preventing rough skin and fatigue from sleepiness. It is also rich in vitamin B2, which has healthy mucous membranes such as the skin and the digestive tracts, and calcium, which is great for bones.

Taste/Cooking: Anago has a sweet flavour and a soft, delicate texture. Comparing to Unagi, Anago tastes lighter, but they can be used in the same cooking ways, which are Kabayaki and Tempura. Typically, this ingredient is simmered in a sweet soy sauce or deep fried, tempura style.


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