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Iwashi - Sardine

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Iwashi - Sardine
Iwashi - Sardine

Iwashi - Sardine


1.1 lb

Anchovy and Sardines
Specialty Fish

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Origin: Ishikawa

Fish Facts: In Japanese writing, Iwashi 鰯 is made of two components fish (魚) and weak (弱), due to the fact that Iwashi dies immediately after leaving the water. There are three variations of Iwashi, which are Maiwashi, Urumeiwashi, and Katakuchiiwashi. While most of Iwashi selling in the markets and supermarket is Maiwashi, Urumeiwashi can be found as dried Iwashi’s products, and Katakuchiiwashi is mainly used for canned food. Iwashi is a nutritious fish, which is usually said to be a medicine for the brain because it contains DHA and EPA, which activate the growth of brain cells. Besides, calcium in Iwashi strengthens bones and teeth and prevents osteoporosis. The high amount of vitamin B2 in Iwashi also improves skin, hair, and nails health.

Taste/Cooking: Iwashi is great for serving pickled or grilled.

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