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Hirame - Olive Flounder

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Hirame - Olive Flounder
Hirame - Olive Flounder

Whole, As is

Whole, As is

2.2 lb

Specialty Fish

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Origin: Hokkaido/ Kyushu Prefecture Japan

Fish Facts: Hirame also known as Olive Flounder/Japanese Halibut can be found in muddy offshores and sandy seabeds ranging from 30-600 feet deep. Their diet consists of small fish and crustaceans, which in turn gives its meat a wonderfully sweet flavor. Our Hirame is wild caught using live bait or lures fir a more sustainable outcome with less bycatch.

Taste/ Cooking: Hirame meat is light/ delicate in texture, it carries a mild fish flavor with a sweet finish. Meat found on the main body is lean and silky while muscles closer to the fins are fattier and carry a denser texture. Typically, Hirame is consumed raw for sashimi/ nigiri, however, they can also be enjoyed grilled, steamed, or incorporated into a soup.

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