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Kohada - Gizzard Shad

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Kohada - Gizzard Shad
Kohada - Gizzard Shad

Kohada - Gizzard Shad


1.1 lb

Specialty Fish

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Fish Facts: Gizzard Shad, also known as Konoshiro in Japanese, is a small silver skinned fish native to the Western Pacific. There are varying names for Gizzard Shad depending on size. Small size up to 5 cm long are called Shinko, medium size up to 10 cm are called Kohada, and large size over 15 cm are referred to as Nakazumi.

Taste/ Cooking: Kohada has a delicious flavor similar to both mackerel and sardines. This fish is loaded with vitamins D, B12, calcium, and potassium. Typically Kohada is pickled and prepared for sushi, other common methods of preparation include deep frying or grilling.

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