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Amadai - Tilefish

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Amadai - Tilefish
Amadai - Tilefish

Whole, As Is

Whole, As Is

1.1 lb

Specialty Fish

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Origin: Hyogo/ Osaka/ Wakayama/ Mie Prefecture Japan

Fish Facts: Although Amadai/ Tilefish is part of the Seabream family, they are notably different in shape. Typically, Seabream are ovular and flat, on the other hand, Amadai exhibits a more rectangular body with a squared off head. Our Japanese Amadai is caught using long line method for a more sustainable outcome with less bycatch.

Taste/ Cooking: Typically, Amadai is enjoyed steamed, grilled, fried, or made into a soup. This delicious fish can also be consumed raw for sashimi/ nigiri. The texture and flavor of the fish closely resembles Seabream, soft mouth feel paired with a sweet finish

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