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Kinmedai - Splendid Alfonsino

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Kinmedai - Splendid Alfonsino
Kinmedai - Splendid Alfonsino

Whole, As Is

Whole, As Is

2.2 lb

Specialty Fish

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Origin: Kochi Prefecture

Fish Facts: Alfonsino, also known as Alfonsin, Red Bream, or Imperador are a species of fish found worldwide in subtropical waters. They are easily recognized by their large eyes, compressed bodies, and bright red skin. Alfonsino’s diet typically consists of crustaceans and smaller fish, their diet contributes to their unique flavour and texture.

Taste/ Cooking: Alfonsino is known for its sweet, rich flavour and firm texture. Its flesh carries a light pink colour when raw and turns an opaque white after cooking. This ingredient can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, some common methods of preparation include baking, grilling, braising, and steaming. This fish would pair well with our Garlic & Dill, Japanese Togarashi, Fresh Herbs marinade, and many more.

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