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Cod - Blue Frozen Portions (4 x 4-6 oz)
Cod - Blue Frozen Portions (4 x 4-6 oz)

4 x 4-6 oz - Frozen


1 pack


Origin: New Zealand

Fish Facts: New Zealand Blue Cod also known as Boston Blue Cod is a bottom dwelling, cold water fish found in abundance around the Chatham Islands and Cooks Straight. Its diet consists mainly of small crustacean and mollusks, which adds to the fish’s unique sweet flavour. Blue Cod has a low oil content and a mild flavour making this an ideal choice for first time fish eaters and for those who prefer a softer flavour.

Taste/Cooking: Blue Cod is a lean, low fat whitefish. It carries a light fish flavour with a slightly sweet finish. Its flesh turns a bright white when cooked and consists of small, dense flakes of protein. As this fish has a milder taste, it compliments well with bolder marinades and flavours. Common methods of preparation include baking, pan frying, deep frying, battering, and steaming. This fish would pair well with our Maple Dijon, Japanese Togarashi, Jamaican Jerk, as well as others.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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