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Ishidai - Striped Beakfish

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Ishidai - Striped Beakfish
Ishidai - Striped Beakfish

Whole, As Is

Whole, As Is

2.5 lb

Specialty Fish

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Fish Facts: Ishidai, also known as Striped Beakfish or Barred Knifejaw is a shallow water fish native to Japan. This fish got its name from their unique color pattern which consists of light and dark bars. Ishidai feed on small crustaceans and molluscs, their strict diet greatly impacts the fish’s flavor and texture. Our Ishidai are wild caught using a longline method, this fishing method is great for targeting specific fish and reducing bycatch. 

Taste/ Cooking: Ishidai are typically consumed raw as sushi/sashimi but . They have white flesh that is firm when raw and mild in flavor, slightly fatty, and has a sweet finish.

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