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Shrimp - Wild Scarlett Carabineros (1 kg)

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Shrimp - Wild Scarlett Carabineros (1 kg)
Shrimp - Wild Scarlett Carabineros (1 kg)

1kg - Frozen


1 pack

Wild Shrimp

Block Frozen

Head On, Shell On

Origin: Azores,Portugal

Food Facts: Scarlett Shrimp also known as Carabineros in Spanish are a deep sea jumbo prawn. They can be found from the USA Atlantic Coast to the Mediterranean. Scarlett Shrimp has an electric red colour and are a considered a delicacy in many parts of Europe.

Taste/Cooking: Scarlett Shrimp does not lose its vibrant colour once cooked. It has a firm texture with a very robust flavour. They can be cooked using a variety of cooking methods including grilling, steaming and sautéing. There heads and shells are also great for adding flavour and colour to broths, sauces and soups.

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