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Melon - Crown (≈1.5 kg)

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Melon - Crown (≈1.5 kg)
Melon - Crown (≈1.5 kg)

≈1.5 kg-Fresh


1 pc

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メロン 安

Origin: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

Facts/Flavor: The name Japanese Crown Melon may suggest royal relations, however, it is known in Japan as the 'King of Fruit'. Cultivated in an area in Japan that gets the most sunshine, this fruit exhibits a beautifully uniform exterior, sweet, flavourful juices, and carries an uniquely smooth texture. Careful hands and attention to detail are required when cultivating this fruit. Crown Melons take roughly 100 days to mature from seed to market ready melon. Farmers follow a strict 'one plant, one fruit policy' to ensure optimal size, flavor, and texture. The melons are checked for freshness, sugar content, flavor, and ripeness before being packed for shipping. This particular fruit has been gifted to the Japanese Imperial Family, Thai Royal Family, as well as the British Royal Family.

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