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Grape - Premium Shine Mascut (≈750 gm)

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Grape - Premium Shine Mascut (≈750 gm)
Grape - Premium Shine Mascut (≈750 gm)

≈750gm -Fresh


1 pack

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Origin: Okayama

Facts/Flavor: Shine Mascut is a premium Japanese table grape that has been cultivated with sweetness and aromatic flavour in mind. These grapes are easily recognized by their large size and yellow-green berries. Shine Mascuts are crossbred using Akitsu-21 and Hakunan grape varieties. This grape combines the best of both strains making it large, crisp, sweet, and flavourful. Shine Muscat grapes are known for their exceptionally sweet and juicy flavor. They have a pleasing balance of sweetness and acidity, making them a favorite choice for a refreshing and enjoyable snack.

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