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Chestnut - Japanese Tokusen (1 kg)

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Chestnut - Japanese Tokusen (1 kg)
Chestnut - Japanese Tokusen (1 kg)



1 pack

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Origin: Ibaragi/ Aichi

Facts/Flavor: Japanese Tosuken Chestnuts are small-medium sized, when cooked the chestnut takes on a soft texture with a buttery and sweet flavor similar to a cooked sweet potato. Tokusen Chestnuts are extremely versatile as they can be incorporated in a variety of dishes both sweet and savory. Common methods of preparation include, steaming, boiling, candying, as well as drying and grinding into a flour. A typical Chestnut tree takes 3-5 years to mature before it can bear fruit, once the tree has reached 15-20 years of age it is capable of producing 50-100 lbs of fruit per tree.

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