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Mandarin - Karatsu Mikan (≈500 gm)

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Mandarin - Karatsu Mikan (≈500 gm)
Mandarin - Karatsu Mikan (≈500 gm)



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Origin: Saga

Facts/Flavor: Cultivation of the Karatsu Mikan started in Karatsu city (Saga Prefecture) around 1973, 'Mikan' is a variety of seedless mandarin orange. Currently, this prefecture has the largest production of greenhouse cultivated mandarins in all of Japan. Karatsu Mikan is known for its thin, easy to peel rind and its slim interior membrane. The flesh and juice of the fruit has elevated citrus/tangerine flavours with an even balance of sweetness and acidity. This fruit is a great source of vitamins C & B6 making it a healthy and tasty snack.

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