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Dragon Fruit - Japanese (≈425 gm)

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Dragon Fruit - Japanese (≈425 gm)
Dragon Fruit - Japanese (≈425 gm)



1 pc

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Origin: N/A

Facts/Flavor: Dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya is easily recognized by its reddish purple exterior with a scale-like texture. Ripe dragon fruits are slightly sweet and have a flavor similar to pear/ kiwi. The fruit carries a soft and juicy texture with crunchy seeds throughout, like a kiwi. Dragon fruit is packed with antioxidants and is a wonderful source of vitamin C and magnesium. This fruit can be enjoyed as it, made into a smoothie, sliced for salads, or incorporated into desserts. Fun fact, dragon fruits are actually part of the cactus family! 

NOTE: Unripe dragon fruits are firm and have little to no flavor. Ripe dragon fruits have a bit of give when pressed, similar to that of a ripe avocado.

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