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Mustard Spinach - Komatsuna (≈200gm)

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Mustard Spinach - Komatsuna (≈200gm)
Mustard Spinach - Komatsuna (≈200gm)

≈200gm -Fresh


1 pack

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Facts/Flavor: Komatsu or Japanese Mustard Spinach is not only a healthy and delicious vegetable, but has an interesting history as well. While visiting Edogawa, the 8th Shogun of Japan was served a dish utilizing this ingredient. Tokugawa Yoshimune enjoyed it so much that he named the vegetable after a nearby river, Komatsu River. Komatsuna is a local favorite and has been cultivated in Japan since the Edo period. These leafy greens are packed with vitamin C, calcium, and a compound called sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is known to help fight off cancer stem cells and slow tumor growth. This versatile ingredient can be used in a salad, added to a stir fry or soup. Its leaves are crunchy when raw, tender when cooked, and carry a mustard-like flavor.

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