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Ginger - Japanese Myoga (≈50gm)

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Ginger - Japanese Myoga (≈50gm)
Ginger - Japanese Myoga (≈50gm)

≈50gm -Fresh


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Facts/Flavor: Myoga, also known as Japanese ginger is a delicious herb that can elevate any dish. Japanese ginger is a versatile ingredient, it doubles as a beautiful garnish and can be also used to enhance flavour. Only the flower bud is used in cooking and can be consumed both raw or cooked. Myoga flower buds are pink, yellow, and green on the outside and consist of yellow layers within. This herb is delightfully aromatic, it carries a scent/flavour similar to that of Spring Onion with a hint of zest and pepperiness. Japanese ginger has a crisp and crunchy texture when raw, after cooking it takes on a soft, tender feel. Myoga is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin K, and dietary fiber.

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