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Mushroom - Nameko (≈100gm)

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Mushroom - Nameko (≈100gm)
Mushroom - Nameko (≈100gm)

≈100gm -Fresh


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Facts/Flavor: Nameko Mushrooms are one of most popular mushrooms in Japan for both consumption and cultivation. These small amber-brown mushrooms have a cap size ranging 2-5 cm and a height of 5-7 cm. Nameko mushrooms have a natural layer of gelatin on its exterior, giving it a glossy look and slick feel. The natural gelatin can help thicken soups, stews, and sauces when added. Common methods of preparation include grilling, sauteing, or boiling. Once cooked, Nameko mushrooms have a firm yet bouncy texture and carry a fruity, nutty, and earthy flavour.

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