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Persimmon - Japanese Premium (≈400 gm)

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Persimmon - Japanese Premium (≈400 gm)
Persimmon - Japanese Premium (≈400 gm)



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Facts/Flavor: Japanese persimmon, also known as Oriental Persimmon has been cultivated in China for over 2000 years and was introduced to Japan in the 7th century. Its exterior is reddish orange with a tough, glossy peel; when ripe, the flesh is jelly-like with slightly fibrous sections. Many describe this fruit as honey-like as its flavor is mild, sweet, and aromatic. Persimmons are a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and iron. This delicious fruit can be enjoyed as is, sliced for salads, or incorporated into a dessert. 

NOTE: Unripe persimmons are firm and bitter in flavor. The fruit is ripe when flesh gives a little when pressed, similar to a kiwi or avocado.

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