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Sea Grape - Umibudo (≈100 gm)

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Sea Grape - Umibudo  (≈100 gm)
Sea Grape - Umibudo (≈100 gm)

≈100 gm -Fresh


1 pack

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Origin: N/A

Facts/Flavor: Japanese Sea Grapes, also known as, Latok or Green Caviar is a type of algae cultivated in coastal areas of the Western Pacific Ocean. From the first planting to harvest, Japanese Sea Grapes take roughly two months to fully develop into a market ready product.This variety of seaweed is highly sought after for its clean ocean flavors and succulent texture. Typically this seaweed is consumed raw as is, on sushi, or in a salad. They are a wonderful source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, zinc, and iodine. 

All the ‘mikans’ are the specific brands of premium mandarins, I think that option is a general description. Premium pears will send.

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