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Caviar - Petrossian Sturgeon Imperial Daurenki (30gm)

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Caviar - Petrossian Sturgeon Imperial Daurenki (30gm)
Caviar - Petrossian Sturgeon Imperial Daurenki (30gm)

30 gm - Fresh


1 pc


Origin: Processed in France

Food Facts: Daurenki caviar is only available in limited quantities. This rare caviar comes from the sturgeon species Acipenser Shrenckii and Huso Dauricus. Its roe comes in a variety of colors ranging from dark to light green. Lighter colored varieties are highly sought after for its rich flavour and rarity as it they are harvested from an older fish. Coming from the official Michelin caviar partner, with many Michelin starred restaurants across the world using this brand of caviar. It is one of the finest caviars available in the market. This caviar is also non pasteurized and is sustainably raised and hand selected from the most prestigious farms across the globe. Caviar is a great source of many essential vitamins, minerals, as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamins A, E, B6, B12, iron, magnesium, and selenium are just a few.

Taste/ Cooking: Our Imperial Daurenki Caviar is considered the "caviar lover's caviar" due to its rich flavour and fine unique notes such as port wine. It has glossy eggs that gives off a smooth buttery texture after the initial “pop” of the eggs and carries a wonderful creamy and fruity flavour. Common methods of preparation include serving on crackers, toast, or blinis accompanied with condiments such as crème fraise, chives, and/or hardboiled egg whites.

IMPORTANT: Avoid using a silver or stainless-steel spoon as it will alter flavour, instead use plastic, organic material (mother of pearl), or gold-plated utensils. 

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