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Mandarin - Premium Onshitsu Mikan Gamagori (≈1000 gm)

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Mandarin - Premium Onshitsu Mikan Gamagori  (≈1000 gm)
Mandarin - Premium Onshitsu Mikan Gamagori (≈1000 gm)



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Facts/Flavor: 'Mikan' is a variety of seedless mandarin native to Japan. This prefecture is known for the highest quality of greenhouse cultivated mandarins in all of Japan. A combination of warm climates, sun exposure, caring hands, and nutrient rich soil truly make this a superior fruit. Gamagori Onshitsu Mikan is known for its thin, easy to peel rind and its slim interior membrane. The flesh is juicy, the fruit has an elevated citrus/tangerine flavour and also contains a higher sugar content than most varieties. Mikan are a great source of vitamins C & B6 making it a healthy and tasty snack. This fruit can be enjoyed as is, sliced for salads, or incorporated into a dessert.

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