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Caviar - Herring/Mullet "Mujjol Skiran" (50 gm)

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Caviar - Herring/Mullet "Mujjol Skiran" (50 gm)
Caviar - Herring/Mullet "Mujjol Skiran" (50 gm)

50gm - Fresh


1 pc


Produced in Spain. Certified Kosher

Food facts: Mujjol Skiran caviar is produced from Herring and Mullet Roe. This item is pasteurized, shelf stable and can be cooked or baked at high temperatures. It has a light salinity flavour with a touch of lemon undernotes.

Typically, caviar is served over top a cracker, toast or blini. Alternatively, they can also be placed on sushi, a salad, or used as a garnish for anything needing an extra layer of flavour. 

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