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Caviar - Hokkaido Shouyu Ikura Salmon Roe (250 gm)
Caviar - Hokkaido Shouyu Ikura Salmon Roe (250 gm)

250gm - Frozen


1 pc



Salmon Roe marinated in Soy Sauce Frozen

Origin: Wild Caught from Hokkaido Prefecture

Fish Facts:  ‘Ikura’ in Japanese refers to fish eggs that have been harvested before spawning. After separating the eggs from the membrane, the manufacturer adds a combination of salt, sugar, dashi, natural coloring, and flavorings to enhance taste and prolong shelf life.

Taste and Cooking:  The flavor of Salmon Ikura is sweet, salty, and slightly smoky. The texture is soft with a popping sensation. Salmon Ikura is generally used as a garnish or added as a finishing touch, it can also be enjoyed as is over rice or on top of sushi. 

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