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Smoked Mackerel - House Smoked (280-350 gm)

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Smoked Mackerel -  House Smoked (280-350 gm)
Smoked Mackerel - House Smoked (280-350 gm)

280-350gm - Frozen


1 pc

Smoked Seafood

1 Piece Vacuum Packed

Origin: Canada

Food Facts: Naturally Smoked using a blend of flavourful seasoning including brown sugar and salt. Low and slow is the approach taken when smoking the fish to ensure optimal flavour and smoke penetration.

Taste and Cooking: Smoked Mackerel have a delicate and meaty mouth feel. It carries a mild fish flavour with a sweet and smoky flavour. Smoked Mackerel can be enjoyed as is, over a cracker, or on a salad.

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