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Matsutake - Premium Japanese Matsutake Mushroom

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Matsutake - Premium Japanese Matsutake Mushroom
Matsutake - Premium Japanese Matsutake Mushroom

≈400gm/box - Fresh


1 box

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Origin: Hokkaido

Fun facts/ Taste: Matsutake is a highly prized and sought-after mushroom in Japanese cuisine, which is often referred to as the "king of mushrooms" in Japan and is highly regarded for its unique flavor and scarcity. It's often associated with autumn and is considered a symbol of the changing seasons. 松茸 has a unique and complex flavor profile. It is often described as having a rich, umami taste with a slightly sweet and spicy quality. The mushroom's taste and aroma make it a highly sought-after ingredient in Japanese cuisine. 松茸 is used in a variety of dishes, including sukiyaki, tempura, and soups. One of the most famous preparations is "matsutake gohan," which is a rice dish cooked with 松茸, often flavored with soy sauce and sake to enhance the mushroom's natural flavors.

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