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Kobosu - Japanese Seedless Kabosu Fruit

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Kobosu - Japanese Seedless Kabosu Fruit
Kobosu - Japanese Seedless Kabosu Fruit



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Origin: Aichi

Fun facts/ Taste: Kabosu is a specific type of citrus fruit in Japan. Kabosu has a tart and sour flavor with a refreshing citrusy aroma. It is often likened to a combination of lemon and lime but with its unique character. The tartness of kabosu makes it a popular choice for adding acidity and brightness to dishes. One of the most popular uses of kabosu is as a condiment or garnish. It is often sliced thinly and added to dishes like sashimi, salads, or grilled fish. Kabosu juice can also be used as a vinegar substitute in salad dressings. Kabosu is a key ingredient in making ponzu sauce, a citrus-based sauce used for dipping or drizzling over various dishes. Ponzu sauce is versatile and can be used with dishes like hot pot, grilled meats, and sushi.

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